“As a strategic option we decided to take the route of outsourcing and partnering with those who have established themselves in the industry. This started in 2000 where the initial service management contracts were given to two outsourcing partners. In 2003, as the outsourcing strategy became a wide spread use among businesses, new service contracts and service level agreements had to be incorporated in future management contracts; hence, opening the doors to the search of more qualified partners. In December of 2004, our company signed a new service contract with Mirof Resources, Inc. as one of its tandem service providers.

Mirof came in at the height of the challenges our firm had to face: refund issues, peak season for power interruptions and NPC adjustments resulting to higher electric bills. As a new comer… after a one month learning curve moratorium on the SLAs, Mirof was able to integrate itself to the operation and helped us achieve our operational goals. In February, the results of the transactional survey made by a third party on our call center performance were encouragingly “above average”. The pool of pre-selected agents with fairly good and short learning curves were guided by their in-house competent trainors and operational managers, who were attuned with us. This ensured consistency in applying standards and the content in our core message response via voice and data (i.e., telephone, e-mail and SMS). We are now past our first half of the first year contract and the partnership's bond is enhanced by a continuous exchange of ideas and openness to trying new things.”

  • A. P. EVANGELISTA (Head – Customer Service)
  • A call center in Ortigas*
  • *For confidentiality reasons, name of client was omitted.