MIROF RESOURCES, INC. knows people, deals with people, and serves people.

We currently provide several business solutions that are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. Depending on what the clients require, we have the solution to fulfill that objective, effectively and efficiently.

  • This service provides people on a contractual basis due to a temporary increase in business volume and aims to sustain this increase for limited period. This also supports the organization during periods of temporary leave of absences. The engagement is limited to a certain period, renewable depending on the conditions of employment.
  • This is the detailing of people depending upon the duration of the project.
  • This is extending a direct placement service for clerical positions or bulk/big volume recruitment needs of clients in one go, regardless of the duration.
  • This service goes beyond recruitment for it entails subcontracting to perform a particular task or several tasks, such as certain business processes (encoding, data administration, benefits and compensation structuring, and so on) that are not within the core competencies of the client. This is a strategic tool to most, if not all, companies.

In the short span of our operation, we have fulfilled some of the most challenging and stringent requirements of our clients. From multinationals to conglomerates, we have been their strategic partner in providing quality people to their organizations. No industry is perhaps more stringent than the BPO and ICT Industry. With an acceptance rate of at most 3 percent, finding the best qualified agents, tech support, CSR’s and so on is difficult. Yet we have managed to satisfy – and continue to satisfy – our Contact Center clients.

Thus, we know what you want and what you’re looking for. You need the most talented professionals for your firm. You want them to provide the “human touch” by phone, email, or other communication media. The people you’re looking for are out there, and we’ll help you find them.

We aim to provide you with carefully screened, skilled professionals to fill BPO and ICT jobs (management, sales, telemarketing, customer service, order entry, and collections positions). We provide qualified personnel for inbound and outbound call centers. We gather people with the necessary skills, experience, and attitude to work productively and comfortably. The people we supply you with should and will have the qualifications, experience, and the job-specific training you require even before they set foot in your office.